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Pregnancy & Post Natal Course Launch : 17/18th November 2018, Birmingham, UK
Pregnancy & Post Natal Course Launch : 17/18th November 2018, Birmingham, UK


Our next " Introduction to Pregnancy & Post Natal Physiotherapy " Course will be held on Saturday/Sunday 17/18th November 2018 in Birmingham, UK. Already 25% full with delegates on the reserve list from the last one so book early if you are keen to join us for some clinical and career impacting education and training from 2 tutors who work in the field of pregnancy and post natal physiotherapy #tutorswhotreat . Great to be teaching again with Fiona Mitchell and fab if our physio and healthcare colleagues shared the details.

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Managing Menopause for Physiotherapists & healthcare professionals

Saturday 9th March 2019

Managing Menopause for Physiotherapists & Healthcare Professionals

Treating and supporting women during peri-menopause, menopause and beyond.

A new 2-day course for Physiotherapists & healthcare professionals to help manage this important transition in all women’s lives. There are many symptoms of menopause including pelvic floor issues, pelvic pain, bladder dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, vaginal atrophy, joint pain, osteoporosis, hot flushes, extreme fatigue and mood swings.


Course aims and objectives

  • Understand the hormonal changes and symptoms in peri, menopause and post menopause.
  • Develop an understanding of HRT and the options available.   
  • Identify the changes around pelvic and musculoskeletal systems and how pelvic, vaginal, physical and mental health is affected
  • Assess the pelvic floor and offer manual therapy techniques and exercises
  • Understand and treat the implications of early menopause and hysterectomy.   
  • Safe and effective exercise programmes for this group to minimise and improve risks around osteoporosis and heart disease
  • Lifestyle strategies such as sleep, stress management and diet
  • The ability to sensitively offer advice and when to refer on to a GP/consultant.