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Live Online: Nuts & Bolts of Prostate Cancer Rehab with Dr Jo Milios
Sat 15th & Sun 16th October 2022, 8am-12pm

Dr Jo Milios will focus on the Assessment and Management of post prostatectomy urinary & Erectile dysfunction.

Course Focus

This course will be delivered over two days ( 8-12pm UK time ) on Saturday /Sunday 15th & 16th October 2022

Jo will focus on the Assessment and Management of the Pre and Post Prostatetomy patient. There will be an emphasis on the use on non invasive ( external ) assessment techniques to include diagnostic Ultrasound imaging which formed part of Jo's PhD. The course will address the management of common  conditions such as urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Jo will also outline the important role of Physio led exercise classes for this patient group. This course will be of interest to international and UK physios who are either currently working in Men's or Womens' Health but want to develop more expertise in these conditions especially Prostate Cancer. It is also suitable for Physios who currently have no experience of Pelvic health but have an interest in getting involved in Men's Health Physio and are keen to use non invasive techniques. Jo has the ability of bringing her extensive and unique men's health clinical and research experience  to her teaching. It will be a great two days which will impact hugely on the participants' clinical practice.

Course Fee : £167


Joanne Millios ( @prostatejojo) is an internationally leading Men's Health Physiotherapist based in Perth, Western Australia. She has over 15 years experience of working solely in Men's Health and has treated thousands of Prostate patients. In addition to her clinical work she has set up a Prostate Charity in Western Australia "Prost! Exercise Club 4 Prostate Cancer. This is a non for profit organisation that runs exercise groups for Prostate cancer survivors in a club environment that has a football club feel to it.

Her PhD focused on Physiotherapy post Prostate cancer and in particular the validity of Non Invasive assessment techniques to include Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging. Jo has presented widely on Men's Health Physiotherapy in Australian with her "Martian " colleagues. Her RCT on a more functional approach to pelvic floor rehab post prostate rehab has become a key paper in influencing change in clinical practice.

She has published papers based on her PhD which have changed the way men are assessed and treated both pre and post prostate cancer surgery. She has presented and taught extensively on the international stage. She is also experienced at online teaching.

Jo is a vocal and visible advocate for more physios to get involved with post prostatectomy rehab and is a driving force for more men to be able to receive specialist male pelvic health physio.

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All the course theory will be sent to you approx. 3 weeks before the course date and you will be able to study this in your own time (Equivalent to day 1 of the course).

Day 2 will be with Suzanne face to face in clinic where she will focus on hands on techniques and interactive discussion.

Gerard has experience of running successful strongly evaluated hybrid women's health courses with amazing feedback from all those who attended.