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Live Online: The Coccyx Course with Lisa Hastie
Saturday 17th September 2022, 9:00am - 5:00pm

Coccyx and sacral related pain is challenging to assess and treat and difficult for patients to cope with. This new course addresses that.

Coccyx (coccydynia) and sacral related pain is challenging to assess and treat and difficult for patients to cope with. It is also an area of practice with limited opportunities available for training and education. Lisa is one of the few Uk based pelvic health physiotherapy specialists to combine working in both female and male pelvic health with seeing sporting pelvic floor dysfunction ranging from British gymnastics to weekend warriors. Her female pelvic health clinical work ranges from ante natal pelvic girdle pain to seeing mums to complex female pelvic pain to women with pelvic organ prolapse and bowel dysfunction. She has assessed and treated elite female athletes for pelvic health conditions and is a consultant for British gymnastics in this specialist field. Her male pelvic health work with Gerard (Greene) includes male pelvic pain and male athletic pelvic health dysfunction. During her highly rated clinical teaching many of her course attendees have asked for more specific clinically focused education and training around coccyx dysfunction and this new one-day course has spawned from those rich clinical discussions on her courses. Lisa has mentored many other physiotherapists and many of those conversations and clinic based “water cooler “moments with Gerard, Sundeep and the rest of the team have centred around the role of the coccyx and sacrum. This is a course for clinicians delivered by a specialist clinician, and it will appeal to physiotherapists and other clinicians from the specialist areas of musculoskeletal, sport, pregnancy & post-natal, female pelvic health, and male pelvic health. She is a #tutorwhotreats

This Course will further develop your ability to assess, treat and manage more complex patient presentations with coccyx and sacral related dysfunction and will focus on:


Asessing and treating coccyx & sacral pain in a biopsycholocial framework to include hands

on techniques & therapy, exercise & activity, pain neuroscience and an awareness of

cognitive, behavioural and emotional factors.

• Coccyx and sacral area pain in Ante-natal and post-natal Pelvic girdle pain

• Coccyx and sacral area pain in post-natal pelvic and LBP patients


• Female pelvic pain with Coccyx and sacral involvement


• Male pelvic pain with coccyx and sacral involvement


• The male and female sporting patient


• Low back pain (when is there a coccyx and sacral element)


• Home or hybrid working and impact on coccydnia


• Relationship between pelvic floor dysfunction (over activity) & coccyx/sacral pain


• Post traumatic sacral and coccyx pain


• Hormonal influences on the sacral and coccyx complex


• Peri & post-menopausal: Impact on the sacral and coccyx region


• How to include targeted coccyx assessment techniques into your MSK assessment


• How to include targeted coccyx assessment techniques into your pelvic health assessment.


• Detailed treatment and management strategies and techniques for a range of conditions with a coccyx and sacral component.


• Case studies from the real work of clinical practice where Lisa and her colleagues work



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