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Men's Health Physiotherapy: What's that?
Possibly not what you think

Possibly not what you think. There are times in your life when meeting an individual can have a career or life shifting impact. Meeting Jo Millios or Prostate Jo was such a moment. Jo works full time in Men's Heath in Perth Western Australia. Jo sees a lot of men post prostatectomy who have urinary problems, erectile dysfunction and Pelvic pain. Gerard has also been fortunate to meet and get to know Dr Ruth Jones who is one of the leading International Men's Health researchers, tutors amd clinicians. Ruth and Bill Taylor are running a Men's Health Physio course in Southampton in November that Gerard will be attending with a view to setting up a Men's health Physio service at Barefoot in Birmingham. 

Upcoming Event...
Sept 2019 Introduction to Female Pelvic floor Assessment & Treatment : West Midlands, UK

Saturday 21st September 2019 - Sunday 22nd September 2019

Introduction to  Female Pelvic floor Assessment & Treatment

 Pelvic health physiotherapy is an area of rapid professional growth and development with more awareness of conditions such as urinary dysfunction, post natal trauma, pelvic pain, prolapse, menopausal related pelvic dysfunction, constipation. Getting started in pelvic health physiotherapy can be both challenging and daunting and this course will enable you to do just that. Gerard Greene has a proven UK & international  tract record of helping to develop and deliver evolving courses that fit the needs of clinicians today.

This brand new course is ideal for the new women’s health physio or those who want to refresh and refine their skills.