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Tier 4 UK and our clinic is staying open
Tier 4 UK and our clinic is staying open

Staying open in Tier 4 Delighted that our Birmingham UK based Physiotherapy clinic will continue to open in Tier 4 as we have done since August 2020 ( including 2nd lockdown & tier 3 ) in our spacious Harborne Clinic at Barefoot Yoga. We have very clear professional guidelines that we have followed since re-opening in August 2020. Gerard also ran several big free events to help other UK Physio clinics re-open and also develop an online provision during the early days of Covid19. In addition to seeing lots of patients in clinic we also will continue to see some patients online . We have also been active supporting other Physiotherapy staying open and will continue to do so.


We may love teaching and running education and training events but we are all Physiotherapists or #tutorswhotreat and being able to treat means everything to us. Any queries feel free to message or email. Stay safe and best wishes Gerard & team

Upcoming Event...
Live Online: Physiotherapists with an interest in Bowel & Bladder Dysfunction in the Neurological Patient

Saturday 2nd October 2021 - Sunday 3rd October 2021

A Live online course for Physiotherapists with an interest in bowel and bladder dysfunction in the neurological patient.


Did you know?

- 78-90% of patients with MS have bladder issues

- 68% of patients with MS have bowel issues

- Many people with acute CVA suffer from neurogenic bladder and incontinence

- People with ALS are 2x more likely to suffer from constipation

- People with Parkinson’s are more likely to suffer from urinary urgency which leads to an increase in falls and morbidity

- All of the above can be helped by pelvic floor physiotherapy!!!!