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Clinics moving to Skype & Zoom appointments
Clnics moving to Skype & Zoom appointments

Moving to Skype & Zoom appointments.


We have done skype and zoom appointments for a long time with our female and male pelvic health patients who we see from all over the UK and from abroad. We are now in a position to extend this to all of our pregnancy, post natal & male and female pelvic health patients. We are also in a position to extend it to all of our sports and musculsokeletal patients during this period of uncertainty.


We will no longer be offering face to face appointments and we know this is the right decision to support the nationwide battle against COVID19. One of our pelvic health physios will now be working in ITU on the frontline and our thoughts are with her. Our thoughts and prayers are also with our friends in Harborne and around the UK who work as A&E medics, anaesthetists, ITU , A&E & ward nurses, physios and other front line roles. Compared to what they face now adapting the clinic is an easy thing to do.


We have contacted many patients and clients and we will be contacting the rest of you as soon as possible. Big thanks also to the the amazing physios & admin staff I get to work with . We are such a specialist and unique team and I am very proud of all of them and the unique work they do. Big thanks also to all of our patients and friends of the clinic who have sent messages of support.


We will see you online in the comfort of your home. Telehealth will also allow us to see more pelvic health male and female patients from different parts of the UK also.


We have built a strong physio family in Barefoot (& MUMS clinic) and we will return at some point to see you there.


Many thanks for your continued support


Stay safe & best wishes


Gerard & team

Upcoming Event...
Dublin: Lactation & Breast Health with Suzanne Carney

Saturday 13th July 2024

Lactaction and Breast Health: Physiotherapists, Lactation Consultants, Midwives and Health Professionals: New hybrid course.


All the course theory will be sent to you approx. 3 weeks before the course date and you will be able to study this in your own time (Equivalent to day 1 of the course).

Day 2 will be with Suzanne face to face in clinic where she will focus on hands on techniques and interactive discussion.

Gerard has experience of running successful strongly evaluated hybrid women's health courses with amazing feedback from all those who attended.