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What we are doing in our Physio Clinics : Definitely " Tutors who treat"
What we are doing in our Physio Clinics : Definitely " Tutors who treat"

Why are we different


Another busy Autumn in the clinics when we delivered physiotherapy training courses in Tokyo, Limerick, West Midlands and Kent. We were sad to see Jess leave as she headed of for some sunnier climates in Australia. None of us are envious when we see her amazing pics on facebook although my 3 boys did inherit some very cool cricket kit from her as she was clearing out. We have some exciting new events planned for January 2020 . Sundeep and Gerard are delivering a workshop for the West Midlands Endometriosis group . In Mid January we are running an innovative and free screening morning for Mums with super post natal and pregnancy fit pro and Moor Poole star Kerry Cox.  Our clinics have really pioneered the use of Ultrasound imaging to look at both tummy gaps post natally and pelvic floor function via a tummy scan. We will also run the UK’s 1st lactation and breast health course for Physiotherapists and have lined up a top Australian physio graduate to travel over and teach that as we are determined to help as many women in the West Midlands as we can. We are also excited to work even closer with the amazing and wonderful Mandy who helps so many women through her mother and baby yoga  classes in Barefoot and Moseley.



It’s fab to have Amr join us as a new Sports Physio. Amr brings a lot of elite sports medicine expertise and experience to the clinic as he also works in elite football in the West Midlands. We now have several top sports physios who also work in elite sport.


We are all very excited about Leila Holmes another brilliant pregnancy , post natal & pelvic health specialist join us . Leila was one of the 1st physios trained by Maria Elliot in the Mummy MOT system and has lots of experience in treating post natal tummy gaps, prolapse and pelvic pain. She is also a specialist in pregnancy massage and C section massage.



We now have 16 physios based in our clinics at Barefoot Harborne, Kings Heath & MUMS Clinic Solihull. We have specialties from Pregnancy, pelvic health, paediatric neurology, sports physio, Musculoskeletal ( necks & backs) to Sports Massage to male pelvic health to children's bowel & bladder. Being able to treat such a range of conditions and patients definitely makes us different.


Check out our super team in the link below.

Upcoming Event...
Live Online : July 2020 Managing Menopause for Physiotherapists & Healthcare Professionals

Saturday 11th July 2020 - Sunday 12th July 2020

Managing Menopause

Treating and supporting women through perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

A 1 1/2 day LIVE ONLINE via zoom course for healthcare professionals to increase their knowledge on the changes experienced by women at this life stage, and the impact this has on treatment and management plans.


All women will go through menopause and as physiotherapists, women’s health and MSK, we will be assessing and treating these women for a variety of conditions, some influenced directly by hormonal changes and others that need an understanding of the impact menopausal symptoms have.


There are many symptoms of menopause from pelvic floor changes to musculoskeletal issues, weight gain, hot flushes and mood swings- which all happen at a time in women’s life when their other commitments are still high; whether that’s work and career, caring for elderly parents, growing children, maintaining existing or finding new relationships, or all of those, society also expects women to age ‘well’, and this was all before the additional pressures of Covid-19!


There is increasing evidence of the value of a holistic and biopsychosocial approach to supporting these patients. This course will develop healthcare professionals’ skills to offer a clinically reasoned approach to do that, structuring treatment, and management on an ongoing basis to improve outcomes and long-term quality of life.