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Our 1st USA Course
Our 1st USA Course

Gerard is just back from teaching a Male pelvic health Physiotherapy course in Washington DC. He was invited over by Jan Dommerholt who is USA based and an internationally reknowned physiotherpist who is a world leader on dry needling. This was the clinics 1st teaching trip to the USA and it is the start of some great collaborative teaching work in the States for us.  Gerard taught male pelvic pain, hard flaccid syndrome, male athletic pelvic pain and post prostate surgery rehab to a great group of physios from all over the USA and Canada. It was also one of the 1st courses in the USA to have an equal number of male and female physios as usually it can be difficult to get the guys to show up. The American physios were also really interested in what we do here in our Birmingham clinics in terms of Men's health and were very impressed that we had built up 3 busy clinics in a city that has free physiotherapy via the NHS. They were also interested that we don't just have one male pelvic health physio but 3 in Lisa, Gerard and Konstantinos. Gerard 2nd trip to the USA will be in Feb 2020 when he has been invited to teach and present at the American Physiotherapy Conference in Denver which is the World's biggest with approx 16000 delegates. Exciting times in the clinic as some of our other super specialist physios will also be teaching stateside. However , our priority always remains the great patients we treat in the clinic. 

Upcoming Event...
Live Online: Physiotherapists with an interest in Bowel & Bladder Dysfunction in the Neurological Patient

Saturday 2nd October 2021 - Sunday 3rd October 2021

A Live online course for Physiotherapists with an interest in bowel and bladder dysfunction in the neurological patient.


Did you know?

- 78-90% of patients with MS have bladder issues

- 68% of patients with MS have bowel issues

- Many people with acute CVA suffer from neurogenic bladder and incontinence

- People with ALS are 2x more likely to suffer from constipation

- People with Parkinson’s are more likely to suffer from urinary urgency which leads to an increase in falls and morbidity

- All of the above can be helped by pelvic floor physiotherapy!!!!