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Male Pelvic Pain Physiotherapy : Birmingham, UK
Male Pelvic Pain Physiotherapy : Birmingham, UK

2019 has started well in the clinic and Lisa , Konstantinos and Gerard have been busy seeing lots of men with male pelivc pain and also those with  hard flaccid syndrome. We are always overwhelmed by the comments we get from our patients. One of Lisa's patients said he was able to sit for 4 hours on Christmas day with his family and friends rather than getting up every 20 mins due to pain". One of Gerard's patients reckons" he saved him around £10000 as he had planned to travel to Europe to have pudendal nerve surgery but is now back working and back on his bike" ( static bike only yet but aiming to get on the road bike once the Birmingham weather improves. Konstantinos saw a patient recently in  a real state as he had a flare up due to the stress of Christmas and 2 sessions later he no longer needs to see him as he is back on track.

When male pelvic pain patients ring up they usually ask one thing " Do you see patients like me and have you seen anyone else like this?" . There is often a stunned silence when they hear we have 3 male pelvic pain physios , we see approx 40 male pelvic pain patients a week and that we do this work 5 days a week. We are not a physio clinic that sees one or two men a week alongside our female patients, we have a dedicated full time male pelvic health physiotherapy service. They are also pleased to hear that alongside treating patients we are also heavily involved in the training of other physios in male pelvic pain.


Konstantinos is spending a weekend at the end of January 2019 with Maria Elliot and her Harley St Pelvic health team looking at how strenght and conditioning can be used more in pelvic health. They have invited Antony Lo over from Australia to run his female pelvic health strenght & conditioning course but what we want to see is how Konstantionos already a highly decorated S & C can adapt this for our male pelvic pain patients especially our triathletes, runners, cyclists. Gerard recently was honoured to do a podcast on Hard flaccid syndrome with USA male pelvic pain physio Dr Susie Gronski. Finding information online on hard flaccid is almost impossible and the feedback so far has been really positive. Gerard has also been invited to teach a male pelvic health course in Washington DC on 11/13th July 2019 . Lisa is also really busy delivering 4 specialist pelvic heath physio courses in UK. People ask us why we don't travel more but our main and number one priority is always the clinic and the men we look after. We are a clinic that treats real patients and not a clinic that just runs courses and we are hugely proud of being #tutorswhotreat. In November 2018 we ran the UK's only 2 day Male pelvic health course with Mr Bill Taylor ( Edinburgh) and Dr Ruth Jones ( Southampton ) also.

If you have any queries about your male pelvic pain or hard flaccid or you are a man post prostate surgery who has urinary incontence or erectile dysfunction feel free to contact us and Gerard will happily speak to you on the phone or via email whatever your preference is.

Upcoming Event...
Dublin: Lactation & Breast Health with Suzanne Carney

Saturday 13th July 2024

Lactaction and Breast Health: Physiotherapists, Lactation Consultants, Midwives and Health Professionals: New hybrid course.


All the course theory will be sent to you approx. 3 weeks before the course date and you will be able to study this in your own time (Equivalent to day 1 of the course).

Day 2 will be with Suzanne face to face in clinic where she will focus on hands on techniques and interactive discussion.

Gerard has experience of running successful strongly evaluated hybrid women's health courses with amazing feedback from all those who attended.