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Course Plans for 2019: #tutorswhotreat

2019 sees us linking up with our good friend and colleague Sarah Marsh again as she will deliver her yoga for physios and healthcare professionals for us in March. We have a new menopause course in March also with Sarah, Jane Lewis ( My Menopausal Vagina ) and Miss Poonam Pradha our brilliant West Midlands based  consultant gynaecologist and menopause specialist. We have 3 new  female pelvic health courses launching also with a new Introductory Pelvic Floor course and Advanced Pelvic Floor course being delivered by Lisa Hastie  and a new Introductory female pelvic pain course with Fiona Mitchell. Our male pelvic health course provision is also expanding, We will have Bill Taylor returning South of the border for a male pelvic pain course in October and we will run a new 2 day Introductory male pelivc health course in April . We will also be running our highly evaluated ultrasound imaging in female and male pelvic health course and our dynamic tape courses. Carina Siracusa's 2018 toddler and adolescent bowel and bladder course was a huge success and she will be back in autumn 2019 to deliver an adult bowel course, Electrotherapy update course and toddler and adolescent  course.  We head to WCPT 2019 in Geneva in May and will present some of our male pelvic health ultrasound imaging research there to a global audience and will catch up with our superstar men's health friend Jo Millios. July 2019 will see Gerard teach in the USA for the 1st time having being invited to teach in Washington DC and he is also honoured to be invited back to Japan in September to teach some courses and present at some international confernces in Toyko. 2018 saw us working closely with Maria Elliot and her Harley Street team and we have some more innovative events lined up between us for 2019.

We have launched the majority of our courses up to May 2019 and will add the summer and Autumn ones in very soon as we know people like to plan their courses well in advance. Many thanks for all of your support in 2018 and with your support we continue to grow and help more patients. #tutorswhotreat

Upcoming Event...
Washington DC: An Introduction to Men’s Health Physical Therapy

Friday 12th July 2019 - Sunday 14th July 2019

Course Overview


This 3-day introductory Men’s Health Physical Therapy course will focus on the assessment and management of the Men's Health PT patient. The course will focus on the detailed history taking of the complex conditions men with pelvic dysfunction present with. Conditions that will be introduced and focused on will be male pelvic pain, male athletic pelvic pain, hard flaccid syndrome, post prostatectomy urinary incontinence, and post prostatectomy erectile dysfunction. This course will also focus on addressing the challenges of setting up or building a men's health PT service.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for male and female PTs who want to develop/update their interest in Men’s Health PT, including those with a Women’s Health, Musculoskeletal or Sports background. The course will equip you to start working with male pelvic patients and to develop a new role or service. Gerard has a strong track record of teaching mixed groups of physical therapists and also those who are new to either male pelvic health or pelvic health PT.

Course Content

• Male Pelvic Floor anatomy, function and dysfunction

• Developing detailed history taking skills with these complex conditions

• Exploring the complex psychological, emotional, cognitive, social & behavioural aspects of the conditions these men present with

• Internal Examination in Men’s Health Physiotherapy

• Assessment & Management of Male Pelvic Pain

• Introducing the EZ Magic therapeutic device and its role in management of pelvic pain and building self-efficacy

• Role of Musculoskeletal & exercise based physiotherapy in the male pelvic pain patient to include athletic pelvic pain; Bridging the musculoskeletal, sports & pelvic health gap

• Role of trans-abdominal ultrasound scanning and its use in the over or under active male pelvic floor

• Introduction to the management of pelvic floor dysfunction and urinary incontinence in a post prostate cancer surgery patient

• Introduction to post prostatectomy erectile dysfunction

• How do develop a Men’s Health Physiotherapy service & role: An expanding role for Physiotherapists

Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course.