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Email from Vanuatu!
Dynamic Taping on the Honeymoon Isle

Our brilliant Women's Health Physio Fiona Mitchell was very excited to receive an email from the honeymoon island. This is where Ryan Kendrick the founder of Dynamic Tape lives. He has asked Fiona to lead on the development and delivery of their first Pregnancy and Post Natal taping course.

Fiona works in our Physio clinic specialising in pelvic girdle pain, Rectus Diastasis, incontinence and Pelvic pain. She also delivers the Mummy MOT service. 

Upcoming Event...
Live Online: Physiotherapists with an interest in Bowel & Bladder Dysfunction in the Neurological Patient

Saturday 2nd October 2021 - Sunday 3rd October 2021

A Live online course for Physiotherapists with an interest in bowel and bladder dysfunction in the neurological patient.


Did you know?

- 78-90% of patients with MS have bladder issues

- 68% of patients with MS have bowel issues

- Many people with acute CVA suffer from neurogenic bladder and incontinence

- People with ALS are 2x more likely to suffer from constipation

- People with Parkinson’s are more likely to suffer from urinary urgency which leads to an increase in falls and morbidity

- All of the above can be helped by pelvic floor physiotherapy!!!!