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Post Natal Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging: September 30th London
Post Natal Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging: September 30th London

Post Natal Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging


New Course with Maria Elliot

This innovative one day clinical course is ideal for physiotherapists who want to add Ultrasound Imaging to their assessment & Management of Post Natal Patients. 

What we will cover:   

  • Advance your assessment and management of rectus diastasis patients 
  • Assess  linea alba width & depth and it’s response to loading with US imaging 
  • Develop functional rehab strategies for DRAM patients using US as biofeedback
  • Assessing Pelvic floor function in functional  positions using US ( Trans Abd) 
  • Rehab of PF fast and slow twitch fibre activity in functional exercise
  • Educating post natal patients on abdominal / pelvic floor function using US
  • Use of US imaging in abdominal rehab and breath rehab
  • How to use Ultrasound Imaging to grow  your Mummy MOT & Pelvic Health clinic 


Tutor: Gerard Greene MSc (Manip Physio) 

Gerard has developed a specialist pelvic health clinic in Birmingham which delivers a significant Mummy MOT service. In addition he works with Dr Ruth Jones in her Southampton clinic. He is involved in research on abdominal/ Pelvic floor  US imaging in Coventry University and uses it clinically in both female and male pelvic health. 

Date: Saturday 30th September 2017  ( 9-4pm ) 

Cost: £147 (£125 for Mummy MOT Practitioners)

Venue: London

Upcoming Event...
An Introduction to Female Pelvic Pain: ,April 2019: West Midlands UK

Saturday 6th April 2019 - Sunday 7th April 2019

  An Introduction to Female Pelvic Pain: ,April 2019: West Midlands UK 

This new two day clinical course is ideal for physiotherapists & clinicians with an interest in refreshing, updating or developing their skills in assessing and managing female  Pelvic Pain.

This 2 day Introductory female pelvic pain  Physiotherapy course will introduce you to the  assessment and management of the female   patient who presents with a broad spectrum of conditions  such as vulval pain, vestibulodynia,  vulvoldynia,  vaginal atrophy, menopausal related pelvic pain &  athletic pelvic pain . It  will focus on the detailed history taking of the complex conditions these women present with.  

Who should attend:

Designed for  Physios & health professionals  who want to develop/update their interest in female pelvic pain  Physiotherapy, including those with a Women’s Health, men's health,  Musculoskeletal or Sports background. It will equip you to start working with female pelvic pain  patients and to develop a new role or service.

On completion of the course participants will:

  • Female  Pelvic Floor anatomy , function and dysfunction as related to female pelvic pain 

  • Developing detailed history taking skills with these complex conditions.

  • Exploring the complex psychological, emotional, congnitive, social  & behavioural aspects of the conditions these women present with.

  • Internal Examination in female  pelvic pain

  • Assessment & Management of female Pelvic Pain

  • Role of Musculoskeletal & exercise based physiotherapy in the female pelvic pain patient to include athletic pelvic pain. Bridging the MSk & pelvic health gap .