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Dubai : Men's Health Physiotherapy : 16/17th March 2018
Dubai : Men's Health Physiotherapy : 16/17th March 2018

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We will be teaching a 2 day Men's health Physiotherapy course in Dubai on March 16/17th March 2018


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Gillingham, Kent : Ultrasound Imaging for Male & Female Pelvic Health Physiotherapy :Friday 22nd Nov 2019

Friday 22nd November 2019

This course is ideal for physios & other clinicians who want to add Ultrasound Imaging to their assessment & Management of Male & Female pelvic patients.


(There will only be 7 external places )


What we will cover:


  • Advance your assessment and management of rectus diastasis patients

  • Assess linea alba width & depth and it’s response to loading with US imaging

  • Develop functional rehab strategies for DRAM patients using US as biofeedback

  • Assessing Pelvic floor function in functional positions using US ( Trans Abd)

  • Rehab of PF fast and slow twitch fibre activity in functional exercise

  • Educating post natal patients on abdominal / pelvic floor function using US

  • Use of US imaging in abdominal rehab and breath rehab

  • How to use Ultrasound Imaging to grow your  Pelvic Health clinic