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Dubai : Men's Health Physiotherapy : 16/17th March 2018
Dubai : Men's Health Physiotherapy : 16/17th March 2018

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We will be teaching a 2 day Men's health Physiotherapy course in Dubai on March 16/17th March 2018


Details to follow



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Respiratory Oncall made easier with Dr Paula Agostini 29th June 2019, West Midlands

Saturday 29th June 2019

Respiratory Oncall made easier with  Dr Paula Agostini 29th June  2019



  • Improve ‘on-call’ clinical reasoning skills, formulation of accurate problem lists and treatment plans.
  • Improve knowledge of physical treatment application.


You will improve background knowledge of;

respiratory anatomy and physiology

pulmonary pathologies and pathophysiology, inc CXR &Ax

breathing patterns

respiratory problems amenable to physiotherapy

range of treatment skills relevant to each problem & rationale- choosing

respiratory failure- Type I or II? What to do? ABGS

physiology associated with ventilation/ NIV/ CPAP