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Men's Helath blog we did for the South African Society of Physiotherapy

Here's a blog Gerard wrote for the South African Society of Physiotherapy , brilliant to be asked.


Upcoming Event...
Sligo Ireland : An Introduction to Men’s Health Physiotherapy

Saturday 30th March 2019 - Sunday 31st March 2019

Event Description

This 2 day Introductory Men’s Health physiotherapy course will focus on the Assessment and management of the patient Pelvic Health related conditions. It will introduce the physiotherapist to the variety of conditions these men present with including Male Pelvic Pain, male athletic pelvic pain & post prostatectomy urinary incontinence. This course will also focus on addressing the challenges of setting up or building a men's health PT service. 

Who should attend?

Designed for Male & Female physiotherapists who want to develop/update their knowledge of Men’s Health Physiotherapy. It will equip you to start working with male patients with pelvic disorders and to develop a new role or service.

 Learning Objectives

  • Male Pelvic Floor anatomy, function and dysfunction.
  • Developing detailed history taking skills with these conditions.
  • Exploring the psychological, emotional, cognitive, social & behavioural aspects of the physiotherapy related conditions these men present with.
  • Internal Examination in Men’s Health Physiotherapy, with optional practical teaching in this area following group discussion.  
  • Assessment & Management of Male Pelvic Pain
  • Introducing the “EZ Magic” therapeutic device and its role in management of pelvic pain and building self-efficacy.
  • Role of Musculoskeletal & exercise based physiotherapy in the male pelvic pain patient to include athletic pelvic pain. Bridging the musculoskeletal, sports & pelvic health gap.
  • Role of transabdominal ultrasound scanning & its use in the over or under active male pelvic floor.
  • Introduction to the Management of pelvic floor dysfunction and urinary incontinence in a post prostate cancer surgery patient.
  • How do develop a Men’s Health Physiotherapy service & role : An expanding role for Physiotherapists