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Dr Ruth Jones Athletic Pelvic Floor Course
Start April, Ruth Jones Athletic Pelvic floor course coming up

Looking forward to Ruth Jones Athletic Pelvis & Pelvic Floor course next weekend in Birmingham. 3 places left and some key things you'll get out of this super 2 days are

1. Build a profile and business seeing specialist male and female athletes with pelvic floor dysfunction
2. Develop expertise in assessing and treating male pelvic floor dysfunction to include rectal exam/ tx
3. Develop expertise in assessing female pelvic floor to include vaginal and rectal exams. 
4. Become competent and confident in using the EZ Magic on Males and females. 
5. Develop strong MSk and exercise skills in assessing and treating pelvic dysfunction. 


Upcoming Event...
Pelvic Pain Dry Needling Course Feb 2018

Saturday 10th February 2018 - Sunday 11th February 2018

Participants will acquire the dry needling skills necessary to treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction safely and effectively within a bio-psycho-social paradigm.


Course Program

The full course comprises of a practical component, a self-study component, and an anatomy component. The practical component is 3 days long. There are 4 academic journal articles which are for pre-course reading (self study). Each day consists of a combination of didactic, interactive lectures (using a combination of PowerPoint type presentations with white-board embellishments where required) and supervised practical sessions where the technique to be learned is first demonstrated to the class, and the class then pairs off to practice. Accurate practicing is ensured by close supervision of the lecturer and the trained assistant/s. Video demonstrations of the techniques are also played back during the course.

During the course, participants have breakaway groups to problem solve “paper patient” cases and physically demonstrate the dry needling therapy of such a patient (role play) to their classmates who then review the clinical reasoning and safety and efficacy of the actual techniques performed.