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Mummy MOT Teaching Harley St London: 5th March 2017
Mummy MOT Teaching Harley St London

Mummy MOT: Maria Elliot, Harley St London has asked us to join her teaching faculty

Very excited about teaching two courses for Maria on her profession leading Mummy MOT programme. The mummy MOT is a Physio lead post natal assessment and management programme suitable for every mum focusing on women who may  have problems such as pelvic girdle pain, tummy gap or weakness, urinary incontinence, prolapse or pelvic pain. Also suitable for those mums who are doing well but want everything checked or want to get back into sport. In our specialist Physio clinic in Birmingham UK Fiona Mitchell sees many ladies for the Mummy MOT and gets amazing results. Fiona was one of the 1st physios trained by Maria and we are one of the busiest UK clinics for the Mummy MOT. We are adding a 2nd Mummy MOT physio in February as we have so many ladies seeking our expertise.

We will be teaching a 1/2 course on Dynamic Tape for Ante and Post Natal applications and other common presentations and a 1/2 day Musculoskeletal skills for Women's Health Physios.


Dynamic Tape will focus on specialist applications for Pelvic Girdle Pain, Post Hip Pain syndrome ( piriformis/ Obturator Internus) , Low Back Pain & Neurodynamic Dysfunction. Dynamic tape for pain brain connections will be looked at in depth as it's a potent means of addressing fear avoidance and kinesiophobia. Taping may be applied in the pelvic region but it's probably working on rewiring some of those neural connnections in the brain.  We will also look at applications for the Thoracic Spine to promote better position, movement of the throracic , ribs and breath pattern. Abdominal and linea alba structure , recruitment will also be addressed to influence rectus diastasis. Upper limb elbow , wrist and hand symptoms are common in the busy mum especially lateral elbow pain and lateral wrist pain and dynamic tape is a great treatment for these reducing pain and keeping these mums moving. The mum who is returning to sport and exercise may develop lower limb sporting symptoms and we will also cover dynamic tape applications for some of these especially achilles tendonopathy and plantar fascitis. You may need your own plantar fascia taped for this course as it will be lots of practical being on your feed taping and being taped. A hands on course.


Musculoskeletal Skills for Pregnancy, Post Natal & Women's Health Physios & Clinicians.

A great pelvic health physio ( Mr Bill Taylor ) said in the MACP Pelvic Health podcast " we need the pelvic health physios doing Musculoskeltal and the Musculoskeltal physios looking at the Pelvic floor".  Maria Elliot is really pushing physios and clinicians to look at all systems and thanks for asking me to come onboard. We will be going deep into the Thoracic Spine, Lumbopelvic region and hips. Looking at functional manual therapy including mobilisations with movement and soft tissue techs with movement. Also looking at some new soft breath manips for the thoracic and lumbar that we have pioneered in the clinic . A very hands on session getting you comfortable and happy with manual therapy for these patients and looking at pain brain neural movement connections . Techniques that you can use in the clinic right away. These Musculoskeletal skills will complement the other work you do with these women.

Check the link on the events page for details.



Upcoming Event...
An Introduction to Female Pelvic Pain: ,April 2019: West Midlands UK

Saturday 6th April 2019 - Sunday 7th April 2019

  An Introduction to Female Pelvic Pain: ,April 2019: West Midlands UK 

This new two day clinical course is ideal for physiotherapists & clinicians with an interest in refreshing, updating or developing their skills in assessing and managing female  Pelvic Pain.

This 2 day Introductory female pelvic pain  Physiotherapy course will introduce you to the  assessment and management of the female   patient who presents with a broad spectrum of conditions  such as vulval pain, vestibulodynia,  vulvoldynia,  vaginal atrophy, menopausal related pelvic pain &  athletic pelvic pain . It  will focus on the detailed history taking of the complex conditions these women present with.  

Who should attend:

Designed for  Physios & health professionals  who want to develop/update their interest in female pelvic pain  Physiotherapy, including those with a Women’s Health, men's health,  Musculoskeletal or Sports background. It will equip you to start working with female pelvic pain  patients and to develop a new role or service.

On completion of the course participants will:

  • Female  Pelvic Floor anatomy , function and dysfunction as related to female pelvic pain 

  • Developing detailed history taking skills with these complex conditions.

  • Exploring the complex psychological, emotional, congnitive, social  & behavioural aspects of the conditions these women present with.

  • Internal Examination in female  pelvic pain

  • Assessment & Management of female Pelvic Pain

  • Role of Musculoskeletal & exercise based physiotherapy in the female pelvic pain patient to include athletic pelvic pain. Bridging the MSk & pelvic health gap .