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2016: What a year
2016 : WHat a year

2016 was a big year for us as we got to work with leading companies Formthotics, Dynamic Tape & Naqi under the Patterson Medical umbrella. Massive thanks to the Patterson team for their ongoing support to my clinic, Ruth Jones' clinic and the seminars. Cool to work with good freinds Mel Betts, John o Regan and Mike Grice on these and real highlight to finally meet Ryan Kendrick on his course at Premiership champions Leicester City.  Being invited to The POGP conference in November in Liverpool was a real highlight and great to work with Darren and his colleagues from IMedicare. One of my own personal goals was achieved as I got to teach with Dr Ruth Jones on her Athletic Pelvic Floor Course and her Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Imaging Course in the UK. I have also started working with Ruth in her Hampshire clinic specialising in Men's health Physiotherapy and being mentored by Ruth has been really transformational for me and the Physio Clinic at Barefoot. Ruth also taught some career changing courses like her Pelvic pain course and her Introductory Pelvic Floor Course. We are very fortunate to count Ruth as a mentor, colleague and a friend. The Pelvic Health summit was another huge success this year incorporating Men's health, Athletic Pelvis, Oncology and the Mummy MOT. Big thanks to all the speakers, delegates, helpers and sponsers. A new venture for us was to have some of the USA Pelvic physios over and super to work with Holly Herman, Sandy Hilton & Susan Coel Clinton. Great people and powerful global advocates for pelvic health physiotherapy. Teaching in Malta was a real highlight especially working with John Xeri De Caro and meeting Maria again. I loved Malta. Dr Paula Agostini continued to deliver some awesome respiratory courses and everyone raves about Paula. Great person to work with. Sarah Marsh is one of my closest friends and her "yoga for physio" has really gone global as she has been teaching in New Zealand and Australia. We did a lot of work with Maria Elliot in 2016 , a lot behind the scenes and Maria continues to be the leading person in Ante and Post Natal Physiotherapy with her Mummy MOT and this has taken of in a big way. My physio colleague and leading UK Women's Health Physio Fiona Mitchell has also been teaching with Dr Ruth Jones on her pelvic floor course and this has really helped us grow the clinic in Birmingham and helps our patients. We have ran much less Manual Therapy courses but no other reason but we have got very busy with the Pelvic health work and super to have top Manips physio Adrian Wagstaff teach for us. A massive highlight for us was to have Joanne Millios visit from Perth to teach in both Dublin and UK on physiotherapy post prostate cancer. Two important courses and brilliant to spend time with Jo driving her around the UK and Dublin. What has been interesting to view is how organically the Courses , Social Media and clinic have really blended together and helped each to grow. An example of this is the NCT Practicioneer workshop we ran in the clinic. We have great plans for 2017 both in the clinic and the courses and our big event will be presenting at WCPT 2017 in Cape Town on the 1st Focused Symposium on Men's Health with Ruth, Jo, Paul Hodges and Somto . Huge thanks to Cecylia Jones who helps run the courses and keeps me sane especially around the time of the Summit. A brilliant person and great friend. It is important to surround yourself with great people who look out for each other and I am blessed to have many of those people around me. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2017  Gerard @gerardgreenephy x

Upcoming Event...
Dublin: Lactation & Breast Health with Suzanne Carney

Saturday 13th July 2024

Lactaction and Breast Health: Physiotherapists, Lactation Consultants, Midwives and Health Professionals: New hybrid course.


All the course theory will be sent to you approx. 3 weeks before the course date and you will be able to study this in your own time (Equivalent to day 1 of the course).

Day 2 will be with Suzanne face to face in clinic where she will focus on hands on techniques and interactive discussion.

Gerard has experience of running successful strongly evaluated hybrid women's health courses with amazing feedback from all those who attended.