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Autumn Pelvic Health Courses
Autumn Pelvic Health Courses

Some brilliant events coming up in the Autum with Jo Millios delivering her Prostate course in both Dublin and Birmingham and Dr Ruth Jones teaching her Athletic Pelvis and Pelvic floor course in Birmingham. Check out Ruth and Jo's  websites below to get a feel of what they do . 

Upcoming Event...
Birmingham : Ultrasound Imaging for Male & Female Pelvic Health Physiotherapy :

Thursday 5th March 2020

This course is ideal for physios & other clinicians who want to add Ultrasound Imaging to their assessment & Management of Male & Female pelvic patients.


(There will only be 8 places )


What we will cover:


  • Advance your assessment and management of rectus diastasis patients

  • Assess linea alba width & depth and it’s response to loading with US imaging

  • Develop functional rehab strategies for DRAM patients using US as biofeedback

  • Assessing Pelvic floor function in functional positions using US ( Trans Abd)

  • Rehab of PF fast and slow twitch fibre activity in functional exercise

  • Educating post natal patients on abdominal / pelvic floor function using US

  • Use of US imaging in abdominal rehab and breath rehab

  • How to use Ultrasound Imaging to grow your  Pelvic Health clinic