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WCPT 2017 : Men's Health Physiotherapy Focused Symposium
WCPT 2017 : Men's Health Physiotherapy Focused Symposium

Hugely honoured to be involved in this


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One day female and male Bowel Physiotherapy for Pelvic Health Physiotherapists

Saturday 30th May 2020

This one day bowel course will have a theoretical and practical internal component so is therefore aimed at experienced pelvic health physiotherapists . It will focus on both female and male bowel dysfunction. 


You will learn about : 

1.)   Normal bowel anatomy and physiology and what goes wrong 

2.)    Commonly bowel conditions that the pelvic health Physiotherpist will see. 

3)  Constipation and it's effect on pelvic health and bowel and bladder function. 

4)  Bowel  incontinence 

5) Bowel dysfunction and pelvic pain 

6) Anal Manometry

7) Bowel cancer and pelvic health physiotherapy