Entry level Women’s health course: Pelvic Floor function & Dysfunction

This new and innovative clinically led 2 day course is designed for the clinician who wants to develop a career in Women’s health and requires the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to do so. It is also aimed at Women’s Health physios who would like to attend and update or develop their skills.

On completion of this course participants will:

  • Be confident and competent to perform internal and external examination
  • Be able to sensitively complete a detailed history and assessment of these clients.
  • Recognise common clinical patterns such as
  • Urinary incontinence, pelvic girdle pain,
    • Pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapsed and rectus diastasis
    • Cover detailed clinical antomy & Physiology and how it relates to common conditions
  • Develop expertise in the management of different types of urinary incontinence
  • Develop expertise in management of pelvic organ prolapsed
  • Develop expertise in pelvic girdle pain and rectus diastasis
  • Develop practical skills in the use of electrotherapy such as EMG and biofeedback
  • Explore the cognitive ,emotional and behavioural aspects of pelvic dysfunction and learn management strategies for these.   

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