Physiotherapy Management of the Pregnant & Post Natal Client

Are you a musculoskeletal or sports physio who wants to develop your skills in assessing and treating the pregnant or post natal client or are you a women’s health physio who want’s to update or look at the the musculoskeletal management of this client group.

  • Clinicians on this completion of this course will:
  • Cover detailed Anatomical & Physiology relating to pregnancy and how this relates to the common pregnancy and post natal conditions presenting in the clinic
  • Gain detailed insight into the role of exercise in pregnancy and the post natal period
  • How pregnancy impacts upon the pelvic floor and the role of physiotherapy.
  • Become familiar with the terminology used in pregnancy
  • Look at the current trends in the management of rectus diastasis
  • Develop confidence in the management of pelvic girdle pain
  • Develop confidence in the initial assessment & management of Pelvic floor dysfunction and how to identify when further specialist referral is required.

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