Yoga for Physios & Health Pros

This new two day yoga course will enable participants to use yoga therapeutically as a treatment and rehabilitation tool with their patients through:

  • Understanding the many different styles of yoga so you can safely recommend classes for your patients/clients
  • Developing your skills through practicing the key elements of yoga that work well with physiotherapy so you can use them personally and professionally:
  • asana- physical practice/ breath control/mindfulness/meditation
  • Exploring what the postures ‘do’ in terms of alignment and movement function, and how they may ‘feel’ for patients/clients
  • Review the latest evidence for using yoga as part of a patient’s treatment and management. 
  • Practice and learn some proven yoga sequences - including breath work and mindfulness -to use with patients on a one-to-one and small group basis
  • Learn how to adapt these to use with patients with a wide variety of conditions
  • Bring this all together to develop a clinically based approach to including yoga as part of a treatment plan both individually and as part of a class, e.g lower back pain
  • Leave the course being able to use these new skills safely and effectively

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