Running Repairs: Comprehensive Management of Running Related Injury

This new 2 day course aims to provide clinicians with the skills and knowledge required to assess and treat all running injuries. There is a strong focus on practical solutions with real clinical value as well as thorough discussion of theory. Recent research will be integrated with clinical reasoning to provide an effective, evidence based approach.

By the end of the course the therapist should be able to;

  • Understand the potential causes of running injury and be able to identify them in patients
  • Appreciate the importance of injury prevention and our role within it
  • Modify training volume, intensity and frequency to suit a client's needs
  • Assess running gait and provide re-education where indicated
  • Prescribe strength and conditioning programmes with a deeper understanding of how they effect pathology, pain and performance
  • Integrate a depth of knowledge to treat tendinopathy, plantar fasciopathy, patellofemoral pain and other conditions commonly seen in runners

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