Face to Face: One Day Breath Course with Sarah Marsh

Breathing Better: helping our patients and ourselves to breathe better, looking at the science and the practice.


Course Overview:

The link between our breath, body and mind is well documented. How we breathe impacts our whole body, our cardiovascular system, nervous system, energy levels and mood. This course is for healthcare professionals who see patients with chronic pain, pelvic pain, long terms conditions such as cancer, or those simply struggling with an injury. The anxiety these conditions bring impacts how we breathe. The continued impact and challenges around Covid-19 weaves into this anxiety too and can affect how we breathe. In this course we’ll look at assessing and changing breath patterns, the benefits of good breathing, and developing accessible breath practices to use with patients and ourselves.


Course outline


Optimal breathing:

What is good breathing?

Connecting with your breath

Assessing breathing patterns, the 3 diaphragms

Considerations and the impact of other conditions on breathing


The science of our breath:

How it impacts all our body systems

The Polyvagal theory, balancing the nervous system

Current evidence on the benefits including managing and reducing symptoms, reducing anxiety, improving mood and sleep


Treatment techniques:

What we can or should change

Manual and movement techniques

Finding your voice

The benefits of nose breathing, and working with patients for whom this isn’t accessible

Starting a regular practice



What have people said about Sarah's 2021 Breath courses :


We had such great feedback on this course last year that we’re running it again in March – see what our attendees said:


“Thanks for a fab breathing course. I have used it a fair bit already”


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the breath course”


“I really really enjoyed it”


“It was a beautiful balance of anatomy, physiology and techniques to consider in assessment & implement into practice”


“But the best bit was that it was experiential. It takes real skill to get me down from my head & into my body when in CPD mode”


“The lived experience… what can I say”


“Looking forward to more of this”


(check out her breath course feedback on youtube also (search for "gerard greene physio" on youtube or copy the link below)







Sunday, February 5th 2023
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Barefoot Clinic
7, High Street
UK B17 9NT
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