LIVE ONLINE Ultrasound Imaging for Male & Female Pelvic Health Physiotherapy : JUNE 27th via Zoom

This LIVE ONLIVE course is ideal for physios & other clinicians who want to add Ultrasound Imaging to their assessment & Management of Male & Female pelvic patients.


What we will cover:


  • Trans-abdominal Pelvic floor scanning 

  • Abdominal US scanning 

  • Linea Alba complex US scanning 

  • Trans-perineal Ultrasound scanning 

  • Residual Bladder Volume 

  • Advance your assessment and management of rectus diastasis patients

  • Assess linea alba width & depth and it’s response to loading with US imaging

  • Develop functional rehab strategies for DRAM patients using US as biofeedback

  • Assessing Pelvic floor function in functional positions using US ( Trans Abd)

  • Rehab of PF fast and slow twitch fibre activity in functional exercise

  • Educating post natal patients on abdominal / pelvic floor function using US

  • Use of US imaging in abdominal rehab and breath rehab

  • How to use Ultrasound Imaging to grow your  Pelvic Health clinic

           Tutor: Mr Gerard Greene MSc ( Manip Physio) MMACP, MCSP, Specialist pelvic health   


  • Gerard has developed 3 specialist pelvic health clinic in West Midlands . He has delivered strongly evaluated ultrasound imaging courses in pelvic health for Mrs Maria Elliot and is actively involved in US imaging pelvic health research in Coventry University. He has taught pelvic health physiotherapy courses in Ireland, UK, Japan, South Africa and has mentored numerous female and male pelvic health physios in the use of ultrasound imaging.


    Gerard taught one of the 1st LIVE ONLINE Ultrasound Imaging in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy in April 2020 which was strongly evaluated . To view the video testimonials and to get a real feel of the course check out the 7min video on our You Tube Channel ( Gerard Greene ) as what the attendees say brings the course to life. 

  • He is experienced at delivering online teaching and education 

Saturday, June 27th 2020
9:00AM - 5:00PM
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