Mr Bill Taylor Male Pelvic Pain Physiotherapy : October 2019 West Midlands UK

This highly practical course  for the physiotherapist who wants to develop expertise in the assessment and treatment of the male pelvic floor and related conditions with an emphasis on male pelvic pain. Previously the course has attracted a spectrum of clinicians including experienced and new Women’s health physios, musculoskeletal & Sports physios ( male & female) who were keen to develop their scope of practice. This course will take physios through the anatomy of the male pelvic floor to becoming competent and confident in performing internal & external assessments on the patient with male pelvic pain. It will also combine traditional pelvic health skills with musculoskeletal skills to provide a more complete management of typical Men’s health conditions.

What will you learn on this course

  • Mechanisms of male pelvic pain
  • Detailed anatomy & Physiology  of the Male urogenital systems 
  • Pelvic Floor anatomy related to pelvic pain
  • Improved understanding of Male anatomy & physiology including urinary & sexual function
  • External assessment skills of the Male Pelvis , Hip, Abdomen & Spine
  • Internal Assessment skills of the Male pelvic floor
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment & Management as related to common clinical conditions
  • Male Pelvic floor rehabilitation


Bill Taylor is an Edinburgh based Physiotherapist with 30 years experience in the treatment of pelvic dysfunction. He is widely recognised in the UK & internationally as being one of the leading pelvic health physios and one of the few who specialise in male pelvic floor dysfunction. He has a special interest in Chronic Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and the use of manual and exercise therapy in addressing this condition. He contributed a chapter to Chronic Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction and is currently exploring research into the effect manual therapy has on the pelvic floor. He has also written a chapter on pelvic floor dysfunction in the new Physiotherapy Assessment text by Nicola Petty aiming to engage undergraduate physios in pelvic health.

He has taught widely in UK , Europe & Isreal on men's health physiotherapy & male pelvic pain and female pelvic health. He is one of the few UK based Physiotherapists to work fulltime in male and female pelvic health and has built one of UK's biggest pelvic health clinics.  He also works as a consultant physiotherapist for the Scottish Royal Ballet having worked with them for many years. 


Saturday, October 26th 2019 - Sunday, October 27th 2019
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Walsall Manor Hospital
Moat Road
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