Introduction to Female Pelvic floor Assessment & Treatment : West Midlands, UK

Introduction to  Female Pelvic floor Assessment & Treatment

 Pelvic health physiotherapy is an area of rapid professional growth and development with more awareness of conditions such as urinary dysfunction, post natal trauma, pelvic pain, prolapse, menopausal related pelvic dysfunction, constipation. Getting started in pelvic health physiotherapy can be both challenging and daunting and this course will enable you to do just that. Gerard Greene has a proven UK & international  tract record of helping to develop and deliver evolving courses that fit the needs of clinicians today.

This brand new course is ideal for the new women’s health physio or those who want to refresh and refine their skills.


You will learn

  • Pelvic floor anatomy taught in a way that links to clinical practice

  • Functional anatomy of the Pelvic floor , bowel &  urogynae systems as they relate to clinical conditions

  • Internal & external Pelvic Floor assessment

  • Internal & external  Pelvic Floor treatment and management

  • Introduction to the Assessment & Management of key Women’s Health Conditions to include

    • Urinary Dysfunction

    • Over active Bladder

    • Constipation

    • Post natal pelvic floor presentations


Tutor :

Lisa Hastie has over 15 years of pelvic health experience and expertise in the NHS and also works in the Birmingham Pelvic health physiotherapy clinic. She is a graduate of the POGP Univ of Bradford course and is a recognised expert in female urogyane pelvic health, bowel dysfunction, post natal trauma, male pelvic health and paediatric bowel & bladder. She is one of the few pelvic health physios who works extensively in all 3 areas of pelvic health practice ( Female, male and paediatric ). Lisa has also a lot of experience in training and mentoring other physiotherapists new to pelvic health and also those requiring updates or returning to practice. She has also worked alongside Gerard ( Greene ) & Fiona Mitchell to build one of the UK's busiest multi specialist pelvic health physiotherapy clinics.

Saturday, March 2nd 2019 - Sunday, March 3rd 2019
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Walsall Manor Hospital
Moat Road
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