Neural Tissue Evaluation & Xmas Prosecco : Bham Evening Seminar

Neural Tissue Evaluation for the clinician :

This practical hands on evening seminar will focus on

Evidence based pattern recognition from the history taking to identify neural tissue involvement in common upper and lower quadrand presentations.

Differential testing to determine neural involvement upper / lower quadrants

Relating pain mechanisms to the real world of clinical practice

Upper/ lower limb Nerve palpation : What we learn from it?

Refining neurological testing and how central senstisation affects it

What are we really doing with neurodynamic testing

Key management hands on techniques for upper and lower neural dysfunction : Making cervical and lumbosacral radiculopathy easier to treat.

What do we tell the patient is happeing ?

Is this hands on seminar for me ?

This practical hands on evening seminar is aimed at Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, chiropractors, sports therapists and other musculoskeletal practicioners .


Tutor: Gerard Greene ( MSc Manip Physio ) MMACP ( Prev Exec member ) , MSc tutor ( Coventry University ) MSc MACP Clinical Tutor, Owner and clinician at www.harbornephysio.co.uk

Gerard's MSc dissertation ( 2008 ) was on upper limb neurodynamic dysfunction and he has taught widely on this in the UK , Ireland and Internationally. He has now developed an interest in complex pudendal nerve presentations and has lectured on pelvic pain in UK, South Africa, Dubai  , Japan ( Sept 2019)


Feedback from Previous Upper and lower limb neural tissue courses


“Very good mix of lectures and practical”

“Helped make pain mechanisms relevant to assessment and treatment”

“Highly enjoyable learning experience”

“Great approach to neural sliding and tensioning which I can relate to patients I see”

“Learning in a relaxed environment, very approachable tutor”

“Definitely helped with pattern recognition and clinical reasoning through both the subjective and objective assessment”

“Very good session on Pain education and some practical ways of relating it to patients”

“A most enjoyable day, thank you”

Wednesday, December 5th 2018
6:00PM - 9:00PM
Edgbaston Priory Club
Sir Harry's Road
Birmingham B15 2UZ
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